Dear Physician,

My name is Kal Boukhatem, PharmD, RPh, the owner of Boulevard Pharmaceutical Compounding Center (BPCC). I discovered BPCC on a rotation as an intern and admired the atmosphere and business model of the pharmacy. I acquired BPCC in 2019 after the passing of the previous owner, Joseph L. Rossetti with the intention of continuing and advancing the legacy that Joe began.

We will continue to serve Worcester County and surrounding areas with the same dedication to custom medicine and innovation. As we move forward, one thing that will stay the same is our old-school quality of customer service to our physicians and their patients.

If you are new to compounded medicines, here are some benefits compounding offers you and your patients. It allows you to expand your treatment options far beyond the limitations of “commercially available” drugs.

In addition:

  • Compounded products can improve patient compliance and well-being
  • Compounded products allow alternative methods for treating patients
  • You may prescribe treatments designed specifically for individual patients

At Boulevard Pharmaceutical Compounding Center, we strive to provide medications that yield the best patient outcome and work with you and your patient to achieve this goal.

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of compounding, I encourage you to contact one of our knowledgeable and friendly pharmacists today.

Sincerely yours,

Kal Boukhatem, PharmD, RPh