Customized medications for adrenal and thyroid health concerns

Currently, there are several commercially available thyroid medications for supplementation. Here at Boulevard Pharmaceutical Compounding Center, we understand the various challenges patients with thyroid disorders experience and that, sometimes, a more individualized treatment option may provide better results. Commercial thyroid medications suffer from their own challenges, such as limited doses and inactive ingredients that could cause allergic or sensitive reactions in some patients. Compounded thyroid medication allows us to formulate it with specific ingredients and in unique doses.

  • Custom Dosing: We have the ability to compound custom dosing of Levothyroxine (T4), Liothyronine (T3), or a combination of both to assist in reaching your specific clinical needs. We are also able to formulate your thyroid medication in either Immediate-Release (IR) or Sustained-Release (SR).
  • Inactive Ingredients: We understand the struggle that some have with various allergies and sensitivities to inactive ingredients found in commercially available thyroid medications. We can formulate your thyroid medication without any of those offending ingredients. For many of our capsules, we use Microcrystalline as the filler, but we have access to many other options to choose from such as Lactulose or Loxoral.


We are now licensed in MA, RI, CT & NH.
Authorized to dispense in NY

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