Sometimes treating children can be a real challenge.

We can compound:

  • Liquid dosage forms
  • Kid friendly flavors
  • Medications free from dyes, preservatives and other allergens
We can make medications into more infant and baby friendly dosage forms such as liquids, lollipops, and even suppositories.

We also work with parents of special needs children to prepare gluten free medications or to address other special needs.


Autism spectrum disorder occurs in as much as 1% of the population (1 in every 100 people) and is seen in all races, affecting males more than females. The disorder is neuralgic in nature and appears in childhood, impacting the way a child learns, interacts expresses emotion. The list of presumed causes is long and includes: heavy metals, vaccines, problems in pregnancy and labor, poor maternal nutrition, rubella, thalidomide, genetics, neurotransmitter imbalances, nutrition and gastrointestinal disorders.

Is your child suffering from autism? Boulevard Pharmaceutical Compounding Center can custom compound medications to meet the unique needs of autistic patients such as compounding medications free from allergens, dyes and certain sugars.