This program supports metabolic detoxification, which means it supports your liver's ability to detoxify and eliminate unwanted toxins and end products of your metabolism. The Center for Nutritional Medicine's Metabolic Detoxification Program does this by eliminating all animal products, thus allowing your liver to rest from the work of processing these foods. Simultaneously, you are provided a targeted nutrient replenishment that boosts your liver's ability to function properly.
Body Cleansing Diet . . . and Loose Weight Too!
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This is not a calorie restricted diet, but most people do end up losing weight during this process. 1 container of Ultra Clear Plus pH is all you will need for the 10 day regimen. Delicious protein shakes can be made by mixing Ultra Clear Plus pH with juice or water, and your choice of fresh or frozen fruit. For a lower calorie alternative, use water, and low glycemic fruit such as berries or peaches.