Dear Doctors and professionals,

I am Joseph L. Rossetti, the owner of a compounding pharmacy at Boulevard Pharmaceutical Compounding Center (BPCC). The pharmacy was founded in 1931 by my father Louis J. Rossetti in 1931 and continues to be a family run business.

As a compounding pharmacy we strive to work with doctors and veterinarians to meet the special needs of their patients. We are able to meet individual needs with the use of various devices such as laminar flow hood (797 certified) which provides a sterile environment, ointment mills, tube sealers, electronic balances, electric mixers, electric heat and stirrer unit as well as a variety of molds; troche, suppository, rectal rockets, and lollipops.

There are several benefits compounding offers you and your patients. It allows you to prescribe any dosage strength for your patient. Allows you to prescribe a medication in different dosage forms for your patient who can not swallow or may need a liquid. It also provides flexibility with flavor preferances for drugs that are bitter or remove a substance in a manufactured drug that your patient may be allergic to. Finally, it allows you to combine several medications into one, so it is more convenient and less costly for the patient.

Boulevard Pharmaceutical Compounding Center will be glad to serve you and your patients to improve the quality of care and drug therapy in which you and your patients are receiving. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or feel that compounding could benefit your practice today at 1-800-779-3920 or 508-754-1791.

Respectfully Yours,

Joseph L. Rossetti, RPH