About Us

Boulevard Pharmaceutical Compounding Center (BPCC) has been family owned and operated since 1931 and has over 85 years of compounding experience. The pharmacy was originally founded by Louis J. Rossetti and passed down to son, Joseph L. Rossetti, RPh accompanied by his younger sister Geraldine (Rossetti) Arakelian, RPh.

At BPCC we believe that the standard “One-size-fits-all medications” does not meet the unique needs of individuals. Compounding does not replace commercial medications but expands a physicians' treatment options. Patients using compounded medications tend to reap the benefits of compounded medications as it targets their specific needs, is cost effective and allows them to feel better sooner rather than later.
Pharmaceutical_Pharmacy_Worcester,— Boulevard Pharmaceutical Compounding Center in Worcester, MA
aloe vera — Boulevard Pharmaceutical Compounding Center in Worcester, MA
We offer individual, confidential and professional pharmacy services that suit the special circumstances of our patients. We create and modify dosage forms and medication delivery systems via modern compounding procedures and can customize medications to be allergen-free as well as flavored according to patient's preference. Our compounding laboratories are state-of-the-art and equipped with today's most modern technology. Although time consuming, we pride ourselves on our dedication to following the stringiest guidelines set forth by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). This ensures that each compound we prepare are of the highest quality and stability.

Every year changes are being made to the world of technology, procedures, laws, and regulations pertaining to compounding. To ensure we are up to date with the latest advances in compounding and compliant with state/federal laws and regulations our pharmacists continually undergo professional training, seminars and other educational events.

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